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Corporate Social Responsibility including social investment, community development and good sustainable environmental care by companies in Bali Indonesia.

Below is a list of charities in Bali which tourists can visit and donate to.  I donated 5 years, working as an Australian Volunteer Abroad.  It's a good feeling giving back to disadvantaged people so I encourage tourist visiting Bali to experience charity first hand by visiting some of the Balianese organisations listed below.  Promotion of charities in Bali is part of corporate social responsibility.  Businesses supporting charities in Bali will have their logo and link to their website published on this page.

Inspirasia East Bali Poverty project, supported by
Mitras software development Bali

Jodie O'Shea's Orphanage caring for kids in Bali. Supported by Mills Charter Whale Watching Perth

Hard Rock support Yasa Kirthi Orphanage Bali

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