Map Bali

2 Maps of Bali below. The big map of Bali is powered by Google. It is part of an even bigger Google Holiday Map of Bali which includes maps of Bali. Check this Google street map of Bali and weather condition before planning your road journey so that you've got a clear map in your mind. Take extreme care when travelling on Bali roads.

Big Google Holiday Map of Bali

Tourist Map of Bali

This second tourist map of Bali is a Photo map of Bali powered by Panoramio.


Clients of Hotel Marketing Bali get a free linked pin with photo on the Map of Bali Hotel accommodation property marketing managers can place photos of their Bali property on this map of Bali free of charge via Hotels Bali Group which then also appears on Google Maps and Google Earth. Linked pins on the Google map of Bali are free for all clients of as is promotion on our Google Plus Balii pages

If you have a nice tourist map of Bali you want published here, please contact us.  Looking for a surf map of Bali.

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